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This is my blog. This is where I deposit little carved chunks of advice for you to keep your instrument in top order, find out about the latest developments in the industry and any insights that I come across whilst making.

Five Ways to maintain your varnish

Maintaining that ‘just out the workshop’ look is easier than you think. Check out my advice on how to keep your instrument looking tippy toppy. 

  • Use lint free cloths
  • Never use baby/alcohol wipes
  • Rosin eats varnish – clean it off
  • Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight
  • Only use a polish designed for string instruments

One string to rile them all

So your instrument is starting to shut down. You’re having to work harder and harder to get a sound out of it. I’m often shocked at the difference changing out the top string can make to resurrect the others. 

  • Balances overtone production
  • More stable tuning
  • Quick fix for reviving sound

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Carbon fibre or steel – the spike debate

“I need more projection”. A phrase I hear a lot. “Have you thought about your spike?” Here’s my take on whether carbon fibre is where it’s at for your sound.

  • Carbon fibre vs steel
  • Endpins – detachable or not?
  • How to sharpen your spike
  • Pin or swivel?

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