repairs and refurbishments

From small chips to a full restorations, I feel a real responsibility to preserve instruments for future generations.

if it ain’t broke…still fix it.

Regular maintenance on your instrument can avoid more expensive repairs cropping up

structural repairs

Having a crack repaired before it develops further, is definitely something you want to be doing. I’ve seen small cracks on the bass-bar side spread all the way down to the purfling in a matter of a few short months over a cold winter. If caught early, it prevents further damage to the instrument and will save you a world of pain in the long run.

  • Crack repairs
  • Soundpost and bespoke patches
  • Arching Corrections
  • Corner replacement
  • Varnish repair and touch ups
  • Complete restorations

custom set-ups

A slight nudge here, a tilt there. Set-ups are definitely more of an art form than a science. Well, an art form based in science. Come see me and we can release the full potential of your instrument.

  • Fine adjustments in person
  • Finely cut replacement bridges
  • Replacement traditioanl or carbon fibre sound posts
  • String height adjustment
  • Range of strings to suit your instrument and playing
  • Complete set-up overhauls

cosmetic repairs

It doesn’t look great and it isn’t great for the wood. Having exposed wood showing through is not just an asthetic issue, it could also cost you in the long run. Better to treat your instrument like your car and get it in for an M.O.T every year or so.

  • Experienced in colour matching
  • Historically informed repairs
  • Experience working with rare and valuable instruments

This stunning example of an Honore Derazey had numerous wear and tear problems when the client approached me with it. I gave the cello a full makeover complete with a new bridge, a varnish touch-up and a full new set-up.

I had a lovely violin on loan while mine was being repaired. John Francis made it really easy to collect and return the violin, despite being in a different city at the time. It played beautifully! Always very informative and accommodating.

Highly recommended.

What an absolute cracker. This is quite simply exactly what I was looking for. 

Thank you so much! I’m so happy with the match of the colour. It’s as though it was never there.

When I had the unfortunate incident of opening my violin case to see the neck had come away from the main body of my violin I asked John if he would have a look. After a couple of weeks my violin was returned to me and was sounding as good as ever. Thank you for the painstaking repair you produced to bring my old fiddle back to life.

John did a quick soundpost adjustment on my viola between rehearsals and he opened up the sound beautifully… He’s professional and it was a joy to experience someone who’s no.1 priority was to make sure I was happy with how my instrument sounded and felt. His musicianship and experience as a violinist is a huge bonus, I can’t recommend his services highly enough.

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