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Violin, Viola and Cello Commissions, Repairs, Valuations

Commission Your Instrument

Specialising in producing the highest quality string instruments, I love to work to a client’s specifications. It’s most important that your instrument suits your playing style and career. Get in touch to chat about what I can offer you.

Restoration & Repair

I’ve always felt incredibly privileged to be able to work on instruments by some of the most prestigious makers in history. For me, it’s a process of forensic intensity. I take great joy in repairing instruments with modern techniques that centre around preservation of original material. 


Whether you’re a musician looking for an up to date valuation on the value of your instrument for insurance purposes or you happen to have found the mythical ‘Strad in the attic’, I regularly offer valuations on current market value. 

Make It Your Way

Have a particular model or sound you have your eye on? Talk to me, I love to geek out on that sort of stuff. Unsure about the differences between makersr? Talk to me, I love to chat about these things. 

It's All About Trust

As a musician myself, I know that handing over your instrument to be worked on is a bit like handing over your baby. Rest assured your instrument is in safe hands. I treat every instrument as if it were my own.

Get It Valued

I’m constantly assessing the market and so have my finger on the pulse of what’s on the up and what’s not. Bring your instrument in today to get an up to date market value.

measure twice, carve once

It all starts with a chat. Fill out the form 

Or give me a call: +447703048042

I will only use the information entered above for the purposes of dealing with your enquiry. For more information on my Privacy Policy click here

measure twice, carve once

It all starts with a chat. Fill out the form 

Or give me a call: +447703048042

I will only use the information entered above for the purposes of dealing with your enquiry. For more information on my Privacy Policy click here

I am beyond happy with my beautiful 1695 Ruggieri model cello by J F Wright. John documented the whole process from when we went to select the wood to the finished instrument. It was like watching my baby grow. 



I started out in music as a violinist and before the waiting list began to pile up, I earned my crust as a performer.I’m convinced the part of me that knows how to draw a bow on the string, is that part of me that feels the resistance of a tool carving through wood.

I love playing but I’ve also always loved finding out how things work and how they are put together. I remember as an eight-year-old boy, getting my first violin on loan from school. I brought it home and took it to pieces before realising I’d have to put it back together! I very nearly got away with it, save for the fact I’d put the bridge on back to front…

so why go with me?

I’m a fastidious individual. I like detail. A trait which initially led me to make the move from performer to maker. I love the nuance that altering a thickness here or an angle there can create in an instrument. If you’re lucky enough to meet my mother, she will tell you I’ve enjoyed experimenting with science since before it was reasonably safe to do so. 

As an adult, the urge to experiment is bourne out in some of the antiquing techniques that I love to play around with. As a violinist, I know that buying an instrument is more than choosing a tool, it’s choosing a companion.  

I work exclusively with the finest quality materials

My instruments are played in London orchestras

Value for money

I had a lovely violin on loan while mine was being repaired. John Francis made it really easy to collect and return the violin, despite being in a different city at the time. It played beautifully! Always very informative and accommodating.

Highly recommended.

What an absolute cracker. This is quite simply exactly what I was looking for. 

Thank you so much! I’m so happy with the match of the colour. It’s as though the damage was never there.

When I had the unfortunate incident of opening my violin case to see the neck had come away from the main body of my violin I asked John if he would have a look. After a couple of weeks my violin was returned to me and was sounding as good as ever. Thank you for the painstaking repair you produced to bring my old fiddle back to life.

John did a quick soundpost adjustment on my viola between rehearsals and he opened up the sound beautifully… He’s professional and it was a joy to experience someone who’s no.1 priority was to make sure I was happy with how my instrument sounded and felt. His musicianship and experience as a violinist is a huge bonus, I can’t recommend his services highly enough.

I like to talk. Give me a call to start planning your instrument’s journey.



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