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Whether you’re a professional looking for an insurance valuation or you’ve found an old instrument in the estate of a beloved great aunt, I can give you an up to date valuation of what it’s worth.

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Insurance valutaions

It’s really important that you keep your insurance valuation up to date. With instruments a safe investment in a storm of financial woes, prices tend to rise. Organise a valuation today to make sure you’re not underinsured should the worst happen.

auction estimates

I’m always happy to advise the best route to market for clients whether that be through a private sale, commission through a shop or indeed via the auctions. I regularly attend the instrument auctions so I’m well placed to offer you an idea of value.


Certification is essential for any sales of instruments of great note. Indeed many buyers will not go near something that hasn’t been certified and checked thoroughly by reputable sources. I can organise to put you in touch with the right people. 

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