One string to rile them all

Not all strings lose their clarity at an equal rate


It’s amazing the rate which the overtones on your instrument shut down once one string dies

I’m originally from Glasgow. I grew up in a household with four older brothers so from a young age I had to learn how to find my place. I found that place being the brother who could play music. I’m secretly convinced there’s a musician in all of them but alas I was the one who showed an instant affiliation with it. 

I went to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland before being drawn down to London to embark on a career with the band of the Royal Artillery. It was here that I really began my journey to becoming a luthier as I was tasked with keeping their store of admittedly rather lovely old Italian instruments in top order. 

Coming to the end of my contract in the army I decided to pursue my passion and enrolled in the Newark International School of Violin Making. Working with my hands and working in music, I’d found the career for me.


My Mission

I’m dedicated to producing beautiful, bespoke pieces of musical artisan-ship. As a violinist, I strive to produce instruments that I would want to play myself. 

My Clients

I’m lucky to enjoy a busy schedule, particularly in these troubled times. I’ve just completed a cello for LPO extra player Iain Ward which subsequently lead to a commission for a new cello for Pei-Jee Ng the Co-Principal cello of the LPO and cellist from the Fournier Trio. Other clients have included Rowan Bell, leader of the critically acclaimed Santiago Quartet who had me restore his 1910 Giuseppe Pedrazzini violin.

You can’t underestimate the value of having a good assistant. Here Nala is keeping me company whilst I work on my latest commission.

build it for me

I love to create beautifully handcrafted, authentically built string instruments which are more than just your average box. I live in a world of sawdust, oil, metal and varnish. Come join me.

fix it for me

Cracks, chips, scratches and breakages. These are my bread and butter. I love the feeling I get when I finally find the perfect compound to recreate a varnish or when a tricky project starts to come together.

value it for me

I regularly attend auctions of instruments and I keep an eager eye on the sale values from auctions around the world. Perfect whether you’re a musician looking for an insurance valuation or you’re looking to sell.

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