1860 honore derazey cello


Repair work on an EXQUISITE honore derazey cello from 1860.

  • General  essential maintenance work
  • Repair  a crack which was developing alongside  the bass bar
  • Correct historic repair that had caused thr new crack
  • Match the gorgeouse french  varnish for the cosmetic repairs
  • Reshoot the fingerboard
  • Cut a new soundpost
  • Adjust the top nut to correct where the A string has been biting
  • Carve  a new bridge to help rejuvenate the sound




  • Removing the front plate
  • Correcting the crack
  • Resealing the cello
  • New bridge and post
  • cosmetic touch ups
  • Final clean and polish

The techniques used by the Master French makers for producing their varnishes vary greatly from their Italian and German counterparts. I experimented with a number of different recipies  until I found one that would match the strong,  deep red finish used by Derazy

The touch up on the scuff on the front is perfect! Thank you so much it looks good as new. Thanks also for turning it around in time for me. You’re a lifesaver!

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